30 Nov 2009

Things to do, places to be

  • Six Federal agencies involved in the California Bay-Delta ecosystem want comments here by December 1, 2009 (tomorrow!)
  • Comment on price increases for the Las Vegas Valley Water District
    [or go in person to] 500 Grand Central Parkway (Las Vegas)
    Tuesday, December 1 @ 9 am
  • Fundraiser in support of Rock the Boat: the story of Los Angeles and the little river that could
    Eastman Kodak Screening Room (Hollywood)
    Thursday, December 3 @ 7 pm
    $25/$50. Tickets
  • California Water: Moving Beyond Myth
    Sheraton Grand Hotel, Gardenia Room (Sacramento)
    Tuesday, December 8 @ 9 am to 1 pm
    Free. RSVP required.
  • The New Delta & California Water Legislation: How will it affect the Bay Area?
    Marriott at City Center (Oakland)
    Thursday, December 10 @ 9 am to 3 pm
    Free. No RSVP required. Agenda [pdf].
hattips to DW and BP

1 comment:

  1. DZ

    Thanks ! I made my comments.


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