12 Nov 2009

Speed Blogging -- Totally Edition

  • Sustainable personal finances, like sustainable water management, means spending less than you make. Totally, but the podcast [mp3] that says this also taught me some good stuff...
  • Spreck at EDF worries about farms selling water to cities and going fallow. I totally agree, except Spreck's being inconsistent when he (or EDF) says that water sales are good, but not the sales they dislike. (That's why I support temporary fallowing and leasing water.)
  • This 2006 episode of South Park totally makes fun of the smugness of hybrid owners, with many special barbs tossed at the holier-than-thou, my-farts-smell-great San Franciscans. [I have a BMW, but I only drive it 5,000 miles/year :) ]
  • Totally useful: Satellite monitoring can be used to increase crop yields or pinpoint "non-point" pollution.
  • Drying and burning peat bogs, swamps, wetlands, etc. are a significant source of CO2 emissions. It's totally stupid to drive a Prius if we are not protecting swamps -- or forests!
  • Coyote hates this recession...
    ...because nearly every day I get another letter from some near-bankrupt city, state, county, or other taxing authority which says basically: “we have this vague, non-fact based hypothesis that your company owes us a lot of taxes you are not paying. To avoid the determination that you owe us lots more money for some unproven or unspecified reason, you must send us approximately a two-inch stack of information that it will take from 8-10 hours to prepare, including…”
Hattip to AC


  1. Don't be ashamed of owning a fine car, no matter how many or few miles you rack up in a year. BMWs, Hondas, Toyotas, Nissans, and Mercedes don't land in the junkyard after 90,000 miles of trouble prone miles, they get sold to new owners and passed on to children. You don't see many 80's Fords driving around, but you see lots of 80's models of the quality makes. I know of BMW's that ran for 400,000 miles on one motor and tranny. Your BMW will literally last you forever. What is her name?

  2. Hahaha -- no, I am not ashamed. I love that car, and I'd be happy to drive that if I drove 60,000 miles a year. My point is that "right or wrong" in a car is more than just advertising -- it's mileage and endurance -- which you point out.

    "She" has no name, but she's certainly beautiful :)


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