23 Nov 2009

Monday Morning Smile

Maybe this photo* explains "contamination" problems with food imported from China. It's normal to mix chemical products and food over there!

A reader sent this (kinda funny, kinda sad) piece:
In "Endangering People to Protect Fish", we learn:
....with some farms receiving only 10% of their previous water allocation, the human toll has been grave. Many in the highly skilled labor force that operate computer-based machinery and irrigation systems have been laid off.

Unemployment in some communities is as high as 40%, bankruptcies abound and many residents wait all day in food lines to feed their starving families.
Are you visualizing the lines of starving computer geeks at Best Buy with "will work for food "signs? Is there a comedian who will stand up and be spokesman for the "Nerds Water Coalition"?
DZ's comment: Although I sympathize with the real people who are suffering from the economic slowdown, drought and pumping restrictions, this kind of hyperbole ("residents waiting all day... starving families," etc.) does them no favors. Of course, the people spreading this propaganda are not starving.**

* My GF took this photo in a Xi'an mall.
** I could find no information on Levy, the author, but she's written a lot of anti-Democrat pieces.*** The article is from American Thinker, where "National security in all its dimensions, strategic, economic, diplomatic, and military is emphasized. The right to exist and the survival of the State of Israel are of great importance to us."
*** Not that I care, but she doesn't criticize Republicans, for ideological reasons.


  1. Maybe I'm missing the joke because I know that the Mandarin text actually means toiletries/sundries.

  2. I was hoping it was a mistranslation :)

  3. The AmStinker hitpiece is yet another depressing example of the incredible ability of people to completely miss the point. Which is: The poor little family farmers are dependent on government-provided water for their livelihoods. That's taxpayer-subsidized government-provided water. So if the taxpayers, and thus (eventually) the gummint, decide to shift some of that water elsewhere... well, that's the risk you took when you went on the dole in the first place. If you wanted guaranteed water, you should have paid for it.


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