18 Nov 2009

Mixing fresh and salt water to produce energy?

SB writes in, asking about this post:
A device that gleans usable energy from the mixing of salty and fresh waters has been developed by University of Milan-Bicocca physicist Doriano Brogioli. If scaled up, the technology could potentially power coastal homes, though some scientists caution that such an idea might not be realistic.


Instead of using fresh water, an increasingly scarce global resource, a salinity power plant could use water that is polluted or slightly contaminated with salt, giving new life to unusable water, Brogioli said. Seawater could also be mixed with high-salinity water, obtained by evaporating seawater -- perfect for a desert community with little fresh water but sunshine to spare.
Sounds cool. Will it work?

1 comment:

  1. Definitely very interesting. Thank you for this find. Hopefully there is potential to make it happen!!


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