17 Nov 2009

Kill the growth zombie!

In my article, I discuss how the "iron triangle" of politicians, water managers and real estate developers have driven growth beyond sustainable, beyond our limited water supply.

As if on cue, we get these amazing stories:
  • Sacramento bureaucrats overrode control systems to issue more building permits to K. Hovnanian Homes in Natomas (my favorite candidate to be the next Atlantis). The bureaucrats have been put on administrative leave, but one is the son of a local politician. This was NOT an accident. Here's more on the city employee who caught the crime, and the Mayor Johnson's attempts to cover it all up. Pathetic.
  • A Temecula water district rejects a moratorium on new buildings when developers convince the board that new houses will lead to growth and jobs. Is anyone paying attention the crappy real estate market? or are they just working for developers? Temecula is in Riverside county!
  • Meanwhile, (more clever) water managers are asking for a hookup moratorium in Monterey.
Bottom Line Growth and development are fine when they are sustainable, as in this proposal. Building in floodplains or areas with poor supply is NOT sustainable. Unfortunately, homeowners and taxpayers will pay the price of the iron trangulates' stolen gains.

hattip to DW