14 Nov 2009

Flashback: 7 -- 13 Nov 2008

These posts are still relevant -- please comment!

Saving the Fish, Saving Themselves -- fisheries are still collapsing, and some fishermen (e.g., EU tuna) are still fighting against sustainability.

Water Markets in Spain are big, but desalination is growing fast. Water Wasters Will NOW Pay More at Eastern MWD. I wonder how that worked out?

BEST: A Primer on California Water -- this is the one that said "regulate groundwater." Not sure we've got very far on that in the latest bill (regulation is on the basin level, with irrigation districts "encouraged" to coordinate reports. DWR, that captive organization, is supposed to take over if they don't. Right.) Speaking of that, Water for the World is about global monitoring of water.

BEST: Resource and Environmental Economics -- an overview. Wars for Kids -- how to use games to teach about resources.

Organic Efficiency -- as in organics are better. Some flaws in that report.

BEST: Neither Pro nor Anti-Privatization -- the evolution of an academic from anti-market to pro-community oversight (like me).

Carbon Taxes in the Bay Area -- yes, and they work (administratively). I wonder when we will dump the cap and trade charade and go for a simple tax solution. Speaking of complicated, Cooking the Books outlines how to lie with C&T.

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  1. I just read your organic comment, and... great! A little blurb to get folks thinking.

    My thoughts are that we should reconsider ag. labor. I worked ag. for thirteen years, and it was great for a kid/young man in helping me get through school. However, the conditions were suboptimal, and would have been much, much worse without OSHA, and the pay wasn't the best.

    I tell folks that the work is the most human work on Earth, providing food for people. However, the conditions need to be human, too. Ag. labor is generally thought of as something to get out of, and maybe we should re-think that concept.


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