23 Nov 2009

Flashback: 14 -- 20 Nov 2008

These posts are still relevant, so please comment.

BEST: Recession is Good and Fixing Credit Rating Agencies -- an incentive-compatible way to reward them for good ratings. (A recent podcast I heard made it clear that "inaccurate" ratings continue b/c they allow bond buyers to buy higher risk without regulators seeing what's up.)

BEST: Cutting Fat or Muscle? Water conservation in cities is MUCH MORE expensive than conservation on farms. Hear that, 20% by 2020 people? Meanwhile, the DWR Has No Clothes because their water conservation strategies omit prices (still true, I think). Speaking of water mismanagement, Haves and Have-Nots outlines the winners and losers in the Central valley.

Moving House -- the people of the Maldives are searching for higher ground where they may live.

Water Filters too much plastic and marketing...

Local Food -- a few interesting concepts.

BEST: Engineers without Borders thought people wanted showers; they wanted drinking water. But USACE Plays Hardball with a staffer who wanted to save (not pave) a river.

Environmentalism is the New Religion was also recently in the news...

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