25 Nov 2009

DWR's take on the water bills

...is here [pdf] (via ML and BP). It begins with:
Governor Schwarzenegger and state lawmakers successfully crafted a plan to meet California’s growing water challenges. A comprehensive deal was agreed to, representing major steps towards ensuring a reliable water supply for future generations, as well as restoring the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and other ecologically sensitive areas
So, problem solved. Imagine my relief. /sarc

1 comment:

  1. I suppose that we will see some value come out of this mess of legislative nonsense. I have two questions: first, is the largess worth the investment (no fair answering if your project is targeted for subsidy!) and second, how is this supposed to fix the Delta? Personal note: I believe that we will "fix" the Delta when diversions are curtailed in all but extremely wet years. Regional self-sufficiency and some interregional transfer of recycled water can work...but the Valley-world we know will look WAY different under resource sustainability. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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