24 Nov 2009

Department of I told you so

DW sent this story:
Poway's residential users, who account for about 80 percent of all the water consumed in the city. They used 31.29 percent less water in July and August 2009 compared with the same two-month average from 2005-07

At Tuesday’s council meeting, several residents who use a lot of water to maintain their large properties complained how even though they had made significant cutbacks, their most recent water bills were still significantly higher than before. That’s because a new tiered rate structure penalizes large users, charging them more per unit of water once they exceed certain consumption levels.

Earlier this year, when the council voted to create the tiered structure and move away from a flat-rate scheme that the city had always used, the vote was 3-2, with council members Carl Kruse and Betty Rexford saying they thought it was unfair because smaller consumers would actually pay less than what it costs the city to deliver water to them, while large users were in effect subsidizing smaller users.

Mayor Don Higginson said at the council meeting this week that he now feels he made a mistake in voting for the tiered rate and will opt for a flat rate when and if such a vote comes before him again.
I suppose that Higginson would prefer shortages? Yes, heavy water users should pay more, and it's fine (given the fixed cost structure) that they subsidize light water users.

Bottom Line: People use less water when prices go up.

1 comment:

  1. If only voting rates/political clout didn't go up with water use...


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