23 Nov 2009

Cleaner water

Walter Bauer contacted me with an interesting invention/process [pps]:
The Bauer Energy Design® Water Processor improves water quality through many fundamental phenomena: Zeta potential reduction, electrolysis, turbulence and cavitation. Zeta potential controls the growth of particles in water. Reducing Zeta potential allows for growth of particles therefore increasing particle size. This in turn increases filtering and/or settling capability. Lowering Zeta Potential affects the growth of both organic and inorganic particulate matter. The most important effect is that it will stop and reverse scaling.
What all this boils down to (in my non-scientist mind) is a water filter that works better because it makes contaminants bigger. The resulting cleaner water is better for watering livestock, washing contaminated areas, growing plants, etc.*

I suggest that you contact Walter if you want to know more. He has loads of site data and customer testimonials. Here's his blog.

Bottom Line: Water is an amazing molecule, and we are still learning how to "use" it.

* As usual, I am merely passing along these data; I haven't tested anything (and I am not qualified to!)