30 Oct 2009

Speed Blogging

  • Russ Roberts and Mike Munger discuss the importance of "price" in our decisions, e.g., they think that vaccines should NOT be given away.

  • A very good discussion paper [pdf] on consumer perceptions of water, how to price it and how to present (sell) expensive and annoying reforms to water management -- by Black and Veatch!

  • "The National Flood Insurance Program... has encouraged construction in flood-prone areas and hindered the creation of private flood insurance." Lose-lose: They get flooded, we pay.

  • "The Ohio River Basin... has the first multi-state water quality trading market in the US." Cool. Speaking of that, an update on Oregon's instream water trading program.

  • "US EPA had determined that 15% of water on a sample of 327 aircraft flunked the total coliform standards and inspections showed that all aircraft were out of compliance with the national drinking water standards." Why? Too many bureaucrats.

  • Yes, the air is cleaner, but now the water is dirtier. :(

  • The Aral Sea is recovering in Kazakhstan, but Uzbekistan is still destroying it.

  • Chicago may privatize its water system. Why? So that the politicians can blame the new operator for higher prices to cover all the deferred maintenance they prevented (to keep prices down). Typical.
Hattips to DL (many!), BM and AW.


  1. Through all the discussion of our stewardship of air, land and water, we must consider basic human tendencies, as they are as much a part of us as our bones, skin and eye color. Scan this subject online and you will uncover provocative thoughts, such as:
    Human nature is bad. Good is a human product. Human nature is such that people are born with a love of profit. If they follow these inclinations, they will struggle and snatch from each other, and inclinations to defer or yield will die. They are born with fears and hatreds. If they follow them, they will become violent and tendencies toward good faith will dies. They are born with sensory desires for pleasing sounds and sights. If they indulge them, the disorder of sexual license will result and ritual and moral principles will be lost. In other words, if people accord with human nature and follow their desires, they inevitably end up struggling, snatching, violating norms, and acting with violent abandon. Consequently, only after men are transformed by teachers and by ritual and moral principles do they defer, conform to culture, and abide in good order. Viewed this way, it is obvious that human nature is bad and good is a human product.
    I agree. I sometimes am disheartened by it, but it is undeniable reality and what’s the point of disputing that? While the bulk of us want a clean, well-cared for planet, those in position of power, i.e. material possessions, could not, generally speaking, care less.

  2. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post "No teme" in your blog with the link to you?

  3. Hello Russia! I have no idea of what post you mean, but please go ahead!


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