28 Oct 2009

Poll Results -- Relevant Academics

Hey! There's a new poll (lawn morals) on the sidebar --->
Academics (economists, political scientists, et al.) should be MORE involved in public policy debates

71 votes total

Ok, fine, I will keep blogging, but can we get some more folks involved?

Here's how:
  • Professors can start talking to reporters, politicians and the public. Either you will have something to teach them or you will have to change what you do.
  • Students can ask professors to relate class learning to the "real world."
  • Non-academics can ask academics to summarize their "favorite" journal articles as short (250 word) essays. (And no, abstracts don't count!)
Bottom Line: We (academics) may claim to be relevant to "society," but we are only relevant when we are engaged with the members of society.