31 Oct 2009

Mismanage oil, mismanage water

(via DL) Venezuela gets about 40 inches (1 m) of rain per year, but President Chavez has outlawed low-efficiency appliances and asked people to take 3 minute showers to address their water shortages.

My take on this: His "Bolivarian revolution fascism" has lead to the same mismanagement of water that they are seeing with oil [$].

Who suffers? The poor that Chavez pretends* to care about.

Bottom Line: Governments that promise to "help the poor" by robbing the rich help neither.
* Even if he really does care, his ideology prohibits him from working with the people -- capitalists -- who can deliver. Too bad.

1 comment:

  1. D'accord.
    It seems that he cares, in an ego centric way, but that his ideology, in that same ego centric way, prevents any viable solution.


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