28 Oct 2009

Midterm update on my class

My EEP100 students just took their midterm, and their median score was 10.5/15 (70 percent).

If you think you can do better, go here for the test and answer key (no peeking!)

That link also goes to the audio and video recordings of my first 16 lectures, but you can skip straight to the YouTube videos by clicking here.

As part of my plan to be the world's greatest teacher of economics, I asked the students for their feedback on my teaching (good things, bad things), what they were still confused about and what they learned.

They liked my accessible lecturing style (funny, understandable, etc.) but they disliked my disorganization (go off on tangents, no lecture notes, no textbook). Unfortunately, their likes and dislikes are related, so -- for the moment -- they are going to have to deal with broken eggs as they enjoy their omelets :)

(They were still confused about many things -- one thing for one person, a different thing for another -- and enjoyed learning how economics applies to the "real world.")

Bottom Line: Teaching is fun, but learning can be hard. For the second half of the semester, we are going to get into the good stuff, the fun stuff -- case studies of the interactions of economics and politics as related to the environment and natural resources. Stay tuned!