1 Oct 2009


  • I've removed the "wassergeist" widget on the sidebar -- interesting to see what people are tweeting wrt "water" but it was slowing the page load.

  • Does anyone care about the "flashback" posts to stuff from a year ago?

  • Thanks to everyone who emails me articles, links, etc. I usually discard the ones that are "same old same old." I love the ones that give me new information, are novel in some way, or that do a good (even better, bad) job with economics.
And now back to our regular program...


Anonymous said...

Tough call on the flashback articles. Some are quite interesting, but as yu say they're oftem trumped by more up-to-date stuff.

Loretta said...

As a historian I find the older posts useful. If nothing else, they show us how far we have NOT come.

Damian said...

i like history

Mister Kurtz said...

I like the flashbacks especially because sometimes circumstances have changed in unexpected ways, and the old comments can be seen in a new perspective

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