1 Oct 2009

Here They Come!

Oh, yes, it's time for some excitement at Aguanomics!

Starting tomorrow, I will be uploading guest posts from my EEP100 students.

Their assignment? "Write a blog post about something that interests you. Include economic analysis."

Their grade depends on the submission of a blog post, not its quality. For that, I am depending on you, dear readers.

If you like what you see, say so.

If you do not, say so -- and tell them where they went wrong.

Although some of them may not care about the quality of their work, I think that the majority does (intrinsic motivation!), and your constructive criticism will help them mature into semi-pro economists -- and avoid this.

I estimate that it will take about 45 days (two/day) to get them all up. I'll continue to post about once/day.

Let's get ready to rrrrummmbleeee! rrrreeeead!

Bottom Line: The world is an interesting complicated place. We all have subjective ideas of how it works, and our conversations on those ideas are how we discover how it objectively works.

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FZ said...

What a great idea!

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