12 Sep 2009

Useless Discussions?

I am wondering if the "weekend discussions" are of any use or am I just picking boring topics.

Please tell me your thoughts and/or good topics...


  1. You are not picking topics that I care about.

  2. Or just wait until you think you have a good topic.

  3. The NY Times current series on Toxic Water tells about how so much water got too be so bad, and mentions the economic influences that contribute to this super US water #fail . Some in depth analysis of the profits that cause bad water decisions would certainly interest me.

  4. Topics aren't always so bad, the problem is that many of us (or just me)try to get away from the old computer on weekends.

    I suggest a week long or even monthly topic that gives time to the debaters to read, digest, and comment on the topic. Basically, extend the period for longer term discussions.


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