24 Sep 2009

Resnick's Machinations

Mike Taugher continues to pursue the political-economic connections between Kern farmers businessmen and Senator Dianne Feinstein.

[Be sure to read Emily's take on this situation too.]

In this story, he highlights an attempt by Stewart Resnick (investor in Fiji Water, Paramount Farms, Kern Co Water Bank, and so on...) to throw a procedural wrench into the science surrounding the biological opinions/restrictions on Delta Exports. DiFi "merely" requested another scientific review, by another panel of experts. Resnick would benefit if -- as planned -- this request delays/casts doubt on prior opinions, allowing his companies to continue business as usual.

This kind of BS is on-par with the "endless appeals" problems that clog our court systems. As one law professor said: "If every decision made under the Endangered Species Act had to withstand that rigorous level of review, there would be no decisions under the Endangered Species Act."

Right, so let the decision stand, take your losses, and get back to bribery business.

Bottom Line: It's one thing to fight for your rights under an existing set of rules; it's quite another to try to change the rules to declare yourself the victor (right Pat?).


  1. I am shocked, shocked that influence peddling is going on in this state!

  2. Funny, true Fixed Carbon, but there's influence peddling and there's Stewart Resnick. What did shock me from this installment of Mike Taugher's series (http://www.contracostatimes.com/news/ci_12439808) was how Resnick managed to get 20 cents from every tax payer dollar of $200m spent on Delta preservation between 2000 and 2007 and drain water at the most crucial times it needed conserving. He was pretty pro fish when he could divert water and $$$ intended for those fish and profit big time.

    What makes Feinstein's consorting with him unusual isn't just the assault on the ESA, which she seems to think can be applied whimsically and politically, but also the judgment. Either she's indulging Resnick and Fox News rentacrowds by opening the doors so biologists can do her flak catching, or she's at the service of Stewart Resnick. Either way, it's bad many times over in every possible light.

  3. Nice post. Mike Taugher does indeed deserve an award.

    I heard Resnick was a big early contributor to Hilary Clinton for President.

  4. First of all the Resnicks believe in pay-for-play politics. They contribute to everyone--but more so the Dems. Look into the aquifer that Stewart got a hold of. I understand he only paid like $10 million and the state paid many times more of the money--and he controls it. With a controllable access to water it made is land that much more valuable and he was able to go to the bank and borrow against it big time!


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