23 Sep 2009

Poll Results -- Peeing in the Shower

Hey! There's a new poll (get outa town!) on the right --->
Do you pee in the shower?
Yes 73%
No 27%
83 votes total

Looks like a fair majority feels comfortable with letting some pee mix with their soapy water.

I wonder why the "no" voters do NOT pee? Is it hygiene? stage fright? greywater? standing up? gender? Please elaborate...

Bottom Line: If the water is already swirling around, then why not add a little pee?

Addendum: Thirsty has more on this (pee outside!)


  1. I had a discussion with my coworkers on this topic about 2 months ago. The men were comfortable with it, but the women indicated that they had issues with the "golden flow" in the shower. So perhaps gender (and so anatomy) plays an important role in these poll results.

  2. Does peeing affect the frequency with which one needs to scrub the bathtub? (For purposes of defining when one might need to scrub the bathtub, suppose one has a girlfriend.)

  3. For some people it can take awhile (even if they're on Flomax!). Standing there while the water is running wastes water. And if it's a water massage you're justifying it with, consider joining a fitness club and use the spa.

  4. Ok, so my kids watched the cute/funny Brazilian pee in the shower video, and we thought it was a great idea to save a flush (mind you we do have super low flush toilets)...ok, what the video doesn't tell you or your kids is to make sure that the wash cloth is not on the floor when peeing. I walked into the shower the next morning and I thought I stepped into a men's urinal! My kids (7 & 8) now know better...but I wouldn't wish this single event on anyone! :-) So, before you pee, be sure you don't have anything on the floor...

  5. no way! I'm going to guess that 100% of the 73% who said yes are male, which means I need to scrub the tub more often in light of my male roommate :/

  6. A toilet is designed to push the piss out of the trap.
    In the shower the piss may still remain, floating in the trap 'neath the drain.

  7. David,
    Peeing in the shower is a bad idea. The shower sink has a siphon which always is full with water. Its function is to isolate the sewage pipes from the room atmosphere, so the contaminated air inside the pipes will not pollute the air. If you fill this siphon will pee water, it will free ammonia and other gases. It will stink, specially in summer.
    Instead of peeing, after showering you should let clean water to flor for a while, to expulse the grey water and leave clear water under the drain.
    Fresh Water is not finite, you can manufacture it from sea water. You should not exaggerate water saving, you should was underwear every day and pee in the hole intended for it. Also flush with water, please.

  8. PS I see Dr Hamid had the same idea. Now we are two.

  9. It`s almost common every where.. :-)


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