30 Sep 2009

Poll Results -- Pass-a-Porta

Hey! There's a NEW POLL (Vegas baby!) to the right! ---->
Do you have a passport?
Yes, and I use it! 80%52
Yes, but it's not been used 9%6
No, but I want one! 8%5
No, why leave my country? 3%2
65 votes total
Given that only 20-30 percent of Americans even have passports, these results indicate that readers of this blog are way more cosmopolitan than average. Good -- I have two :)

Bottom Line: You cannot know your own country (right or wrong) until you have visited another.


Michelle said...

Mine's expired :( I'm trying to find the line between legitimate mind expansion and climate-changing carbon emitting. It may lie on a sailboat :)

Anonymous said...

Missed the passport poll - I have one, my wife has two! And we use them, all right.

The LV poll needs an option for "Been there and hope never to endure such depravity again in this life." My M-i-L is a proud LV resident, but I find the place absolutely awful in every way. Waste of perfectly good desert!

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