23 Sep 2009

Good Water Blogs

I read a lot of stuff, filtering it down to find the right content for this blog, and I thought it would be nice to share some good blogs with you. (I'd also love to hear about good blogs that I've missed, especially if they cover water issues in the Western US.)
  • Aquafornia gives a thorough feed on water events in California
  • In Chance of Rain, Emily Green brings a keen eye to water in Southern California and Nevada.
  • jfleck offers good commentary on Southwestern water issues, with an emphasis on New Mexico.
  • Knowledge Problem is all about energy markets; look here to see the "future" (potential?) of water markets.
  • At WaterWired, "Aquadoc" covers national and international water issues, with an emphasis on groundwater hydrology.
Some good, non-water blogs are:I am omitting Alternet, Blue Marble (Mother Jones), Environmental Capital (WSJ), Green.view (Economist), Thirsty in Suburbia, Sustainablog, Water Numbers (Peter Gleick) and Yale Environment 360 because their coverage is too sporadic and/or weak on economics to recommend.