5 Sep 2009

Flashback: 30 Aug -- 5 Sep 2008

These posts are STILL relevant, so please comment (I'll approve them ASAP.)

Neoclassical Deathwatch -- more on the problems of academic economics...

BEST: A Rebuttal to Raise Prices: Someone thinks that higher price will hurt the poor. He's wrong. The World Bank says the same thing. They are also wrong. How many people has the Bank killed with its "we will save you" policies?

Local Food -- maybe San Francisco can eat from its "foodshed," but other places cannot. What's sustainable?

American Indian Farmers have been screwed by government policies -- as usual...

BEST: Markets Down Under Water markets in Australia are better than the non-existent ones here but can be improved. Meanwhile the So-Called Socialists in Canada are also keen on market prices. Excellent.

BEST: San Diego businesses can get Guaranteed Water, but that program is more command-and-control than prices-and-reliability. I wonder if it works? Meanwhile Farmers Suffering and NOT is all about IID farmers blaming 100 percent of their problems on a program to sell 10% of their water. (I'd be angry too, since those farmers are not getting the money from sales; IID is wasting it.)

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