26 Sep 2009

Flashback: 20 -- 26 Sep 2008

These posts are still relevant, so please comment!

Six Months of Aguanomics -- an update on how things were going then. (I'll post the 18 month update on Monday.)

Poll Results -- California Precipitation -- you guys predicted a "dry" winter -- and it was (good prediction; bad outcome). In Cooling Slapdown, we learn that there was NO global cooling in the 1970s.

BEST: Army Corps Smartens Up -- and increases the importance of economics on its projects. Speaking of that, Leaking Money addressed the growing importance of plugging leaky pipes when water is scarcer. IID, meanwhile continues its traditions of Grandfathered Stupidity by allocating water to businesses based on past use. New businesses are SOL.

Sustainable Fisheries -- are possible. Just use economics and property rights.

Global Innovation Outlook -- my report on a multi-faceted look at freshwater resources. Water Hogs delivers rainwater storage to homes, an idea with growing popularity.

BEST: In Corporate Water I defend private firms in the water business (and take apart "activists" with more rhetoric than common sense). OTOH, I attack the Natural Hydration Council, a front company for bottled water companies, as pure agit/prop.

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