17 Aug 2009

Weekend Discussion -- Online Communities

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Dear Aguanauts,

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If you are interested, take a moment to check out (and add to!) last week's discussion on governance. After that, please give us your thoughts on...

Online communities. Are they communities? Can you trust someone you met online? marry them? be friends with them offline?


  1. WaterSource/WaterBank15 Aug 2009, 12:54:00

    Can you trust someone you met or communicate with online ?

    It is extremely difficult to gain credability with today's online water communities just as years ago when I solved the water supply problems with complex Court approved water augmentation plans for scores of individual clients whom I rarely met because they were absentee small property owners from out-of-state.

    As much as people complain about politicians and bureaucrats, unless they have gotten their information from these often dishonest self-serving career fools via the bias of the ill informed newsmedia, a new concept is always "too good to be true".

    However, "The laughter of fools has always been the reward of any man who comes up with a new thought."

    On line trust does eventually come with a long term record of open communication and a civil dialog.

    WaterSource/WaterBank waterrdw@yahoo.com Retired Water Rights Analyst

  2. A bit of trouble understanding what these communities might be. Forums, blogs, wikis, twitter, chat rooms?

    The tools exist or are on the way to making our possibilities of online communication and interaction a lot deeper (I'm quite excited at the upcoming Google Wave), but it's a bit hard - for me - to "invite" and interact with people I've only known online. I find most my contacts are personal contacts, with whom I get connected in Facebook or LinkedIn after we met personally. At this stage, online contacts are mostly extensions of personal connections.


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