31 Aug 2009

Speed Blogging

  • Colorado just passed a law [doc] awarding tax credits to those who donate water rights that the Colorado River Conservation Board can use for in-stream flow.

  • Plastics decompose in the ocean -- aka out of the frying pan and...

  • Rob Davis fights for access to public documents (emails) from the City of San Diego. First they refuse, then they hold some back, then they stonewall, then... What are they hiding? [last update] Why the paranoia? I've heard a lot about corruption in SD government, and this situation makes me worry. Davis is still on track for a Pulitzer :)

  • "The Nestlé Prize [500,000 CHF/USD] in Creating Shared Value will be awarded...for developing an outstanding innovation that... has high promise of improving... access to clean water, or having a significant impact on water management." Submit by end-Oct.

  • Op/ed: "Spreading Sewage Sludge on U.S. Fields, Hidden Cause of Food Safety Problems"

  • The Straight Dope answers "Is the arsenic in treated wood dangerous?" [for raised garden beds], "What is sea level?" and [IMPORTANT] "Do bathtubs drain counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere?" Yes! but only after waiting 5 hrs :(

  • Drink up! "In South Africa, the total water footprint [for producing SAB/Miller's beer] is equivalent to 155 litres of water for every 1 litre of beer..., with the vast majority of water use (98.3%) associated with crop cultivation, both local and imported... the overall water footprint of Czech beer production is significantly smaller at 45 litres of water to every 1 litre of beer, with the differences due mainly to a greater reliance on irrigation in South Africa and the proportion and origin of imported crops. In comparison with other beverages, beer’s water footprint is relatively small... coffee, wine and apple juice all have water footprints more than three times that of beer."


  1. Before applying for the Nestlé Prize, check out the company's problematic record on baby milk formula, their "clear interests in expanding unsustainable bottled water consumption”, and their involvement in water conflicts with local communities in the US and Brazil - http://bit.ly/HtQs4

  2. @Cor - point taken, but isn't it a good idea to try to use THEIR money to make things better?


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