12 Aug 2009

Poll Results -- Who's to Blame?

Hey! There's a new poll (Bad Ass turtle!) on the right ---->
Who's to blame for California's budget problems (choose all that apply)
Gov. Schwarzenegger 23 votes
Democratic politicians 31 votes
Republican politicians 30 votes
The Media 6 votes
Unions 21 votes
Citizens 22 votes
Foreigners 5 votes
The Children! 5 votes
The Federal Government 8 votes
LOLCats (http://icanhascheezburger.com/) 5 votes
So the politicians are more to blame than the people. Does that imply that they are acting for themselves and not the citizens who elected them? See story above.

Bottom Line: When people fight over the division of the pie, a lot of pie ends up on the floor.


Kai said...

Question: What part do about Prop. 13 (supermajority) and ballot initiatives play on budgetary problems when combined with those mentioned in the "Whose to Blame" poll?

Karin said...

Schwarzenegger is Republican politican. 23 of his plus the thirty others in R minus S equal 53 for the Replutocrats

Anonymous said...

That's a clever bottom line. Nice job.

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