26 Aug 2009

Poll Results -- Schools Daze

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Note on the new poll: If you don't know, look it up (or try... homework!). I want to know how hard it is for you all to figure out those numbers...
Does it matter (happiness, earnings, etc.) where you go to school?

Yes 66%27
No 10%4
Maybe (YMMV) 24%10

I am a supporter of the "no" "yes" vote on this one,* but I am a "self-starter" type. Does school matter for lazy people? Maybe not if they fail out. Are some schools better at "forcing" teaching? Or is this "yes" vote all about who you meet?

Please explain why you voted (or how you would have voted if you did).

Also explain how you "know" your answer if you only went to one school. (Or are we talking K-12 plus higher ed? hmmm...)

Bottom Line: Education matters in your happiness and "contribution" to society. Does it matter where you get it (school, "real world")? I'm not sure, since so many other factors are important.
* I was thinking UCLA vs UC Berkeley, but now I DO think that I am different (better different or just different?) b/c I went to UCLA. My K-6 years in Montessori was VERY important. So yes it is...


  1. I went to what is called "open optional" gradeschool...a little like some montessori and waldorf mixed with public and other new-age ed concepts. I also think that made a big, positive difference in my life. But I voted based on having gone to Caltech for undergrad, then having taken undergrad classes (in another major) at the local university in Anchorage. I got much better advising, teaching, administrative help, peer teaching, general steeped in nerdy science 24-7 at Caltech, and I have gotten into grad schools and jobs, I'm sure, based purely on that name. UAA is large, unwieldy, backwards, bound to the book, unyielding on bending rules, and not, generally, a well regarded school in or out of Alaska (Fairbanks is the 'better' school). The professors are fine, some even great, and the basic material is there, but the inspiration to continue and do great things in your field is not so much.

    That said, I'm not sure college is that important anyway. If my waldorf-educated son wanted to quit school in 6th grade and unschool then grow up to be a beekeeper, that would be ok too. I just can't say I haven't had special privileges in my work life from where I went to college, given that I want to work for someone else doign science. So there - you are right - I am a lazy, non-self starter so a tick in favor of your theory!

  2. Long, long ago in a land far away, I got a job at Benton & Bowles Advertising in New York. B&B had two management training programs for new hires. Anybody from an Ivy League school got a good starting salary and became the goofer for a major Account Executive. Everybody else got a cheap Chevrolet and did store checks across the country until they finally quit.

    If anybody is watching Mad Men, it is completely wrong, and I was there to see it from the inside. All except the smoking. Everybody smoked. One of my accounts was Parliment cigarettes.


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