30 Aug 2009

The NYT Follows My Lead

Remember my Monday post on health care (get rid of employer health care)? Well, the NYT -- a newspaper that gets ALL its good ideas from me :) -- says the same thing:
Consumers, instead of being able to choose freely among insurers, are restricted to the plans their employer offers. So insurers are spared the rigors of true competition, and they end up with high costs and spotty service.
Bottom Line: Consumers with choices can do more to improve health care than ANY "master" planner.


  1. This is similar to what Sen. McCain was advocating during the election. And, in my opinion, vastly superior to the bills in Congress.

  2. P.S. But I cannot agree with statement that consumers are limited to what their employer's offer. We can buy insurance on the open market, but typically that is a bad choice financially, because we are not taxed on what our employer's pay for our insurance, but would not get equivalent tax benefits if we paid directly. Changing the tax code was the centerpiece of Sen. McCain's plan.


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