18 Aug 2009

Mulroy, Mulholland and Muddle

For those of you who do not read all the water blogs, there has been a series of posts on Mulroy's grab for rural water to feed Vegas sprawl.

I wrote this.

Aquadoc wrote this.

Emily Green wrote a bunch of stuff.

Fleck wrote this.

Now Aquadoc wrote a great post comparing Mulroy to Robert Moses of NYC. He notes how both -- "mere" bureaucrats -- were able to change the courses of their cities.

Bottom Line: Bureaucrats are around longer than politicians, who move on, up or out. They can wield real power. Check out section 3.2.2 of my dissertation if you want to see how Mulholland (of Owens Valley fame) changed "the facts" to get a Colorado River Aqueduct to Southern California. [I also made the comparison here.]

1 comment:

  1. WaterSource/WaterBank19 Aug 2009, 00:06:00

    You got to love it ... not even an honorable mention that Lake Mead ( 28.5 million acre feet) maybe kept FULL without damage to the environment or the water rights of others ...


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