14 Aug 2009

It's My Birthday!

Woo hoo! 40 years old and nothing's fallen off!

This photo captures my first entrepreneurial venture -- selling watermelon at the 1977 (or 1978?) Union Street Fair in San Francisco.

I was paying for the teddy bear in the photo. I sold each slice for 25 cents. My mom provided raw materials for free. (I loved fat profit margins, even then...)

I'll swim 4,000 yards today (birthday swim) and have a party (pizza in the wood-fired oven in the backyard) tomorrow. Yay!

Bottom Line: Life can be good or bad -- it depends on your prospective.


  1. Melanie Smith Ball14 Aug 2009, 14:52:00

    Happy Birthday David!

  2. Happy Birthday! Enjoy the swim, just watch out for those turtles, I hear they bite... hard.

  3. Only 40 and look at all the waves you have made.

    Happy Birthday Brother!

  4. Happy Birthday-

    welcome to the other side of the hill!

  5. Daniel B. Lippman15 Aug 2009, 03:16:00

    Happy Birthday David!

  6. Gee,

    In ten years you can join the AARP. Ten years goes fast...



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