18 Aug 2009

Imagine H2O Night

"On Thursday August 20th, Imagine H2O, a San Francisco based not-for-profit organization committed to enabling water entrepreneurship is hosting an evening for identifying water customers’ needs, brainstorming ideas and building teams in anticipation of the upcoming launch of the inaugural Imagine H2O Prize (Info and tickets).

On September 1, Imagine H2O will kick off a competition for ideas that promote water efficiency (reduce the demand or use of water in either agriculture, commercial and industrial, or residential applications).* Winners will receive cash ($50k in total prizes), in-depth business incubation (including introductions to financiers, potential beta customers and go-to-market partners), and reduced-rate or free office space."

* Is "raise prices" worth $50k?


  1. WaterSource/WaterBank18 Aug 2009, 23:54:00

    "Is raise prices worth ... 50K ?

    Not any more than knowledge of a million acre feet .

    Maybe both ideas together would be worth Zimbabwe dollars. (I bought a Zimbabwe 100T bill for a $1 US.)


  2. @Ray -- you clearly misunderstand sustainability. Extra supply is useless unless demand is constrained. Higher prices can bring demand inline with supply -- without the need for another MAF.

    Of course, you are in majority :)

  3. WaterSource/WaterBank19 Aug 2009, 16:46:00


    Until the populace constrains their population growth, extra supply will be hardly be considered "useless". Extra supply in the midst of serious cutbacks in historical supply due to Court rulings and drought will eventually be recognized for it is ... JOBS.

    Either directly or by exchange A NEW SUPPLY, without the restraints of existing monopolies of supply and distribution, can either be held in reserve and utilized for the generation of $2 billion / year of RENEWABLE ENERGY or on occasion be released for environmental mitigation ( CO River Delta valued at $2 billion/year) and emergency situations (earthquake, terrorist or contamination).

    When CA & NV are hot, burning and dieing of thirst, raise prices in one hand and pour fresh water into the other ... see which one relieves the suffering !


    P.S. If any of you reading out there would care to support a water insurance program/policy, it would be refreshing to hear from you.


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