16 Aug 2009

Flashback: 9 -- 15 Aug 2008

In Details Details, I discuss the nitty gritty of per capita water rates, i.e., counting people. [I recently learned that "liar inflation" is about 10%, i.e., households increase their population by an average of 10 percent.]

In Lame Responses, I say that NRDC and EDF are naive to think that the Delta can be saved by reducing exports. I assumed that they thought that in- and South-of-Delta communities mattered. Without those assumptions, they are right. I have come 'round to their opinion, but only after acknowledging that the political and economic costs are great.

BEST: Build Underwater Fast! I love this post -- the feds are going to reclassify some land as a flood plain, so the local gov't says "get your building permits before they do!" As if that's going to stop a flood? In The End of Growth, someone else agrees with me.

In Water in Israel, I delve into the "food security" movement, which I dislike. A semi-related post (Updated Numbers You Need to Know) is all about the four "low value" crops that use 40 percent of California's agricultural water.

In The Business of Water, I discuss why businesses low prices (and the risk of rationing) to reliability and higher prices. Holes in One or Two or Three discusses the economics of water at golf courses. Money from Water gets into the bigger topic of investing in water.

BEST: Flow, the Movie -- My negative review was too nice. One of the worst water films -- mostly because of its bias against capitalism and private property.

In Kern County Speculators and Corrupt Water (California Edition), we learn how clever people outsmart bureaucrats. Are the bureaucrats dumb? Not necessarily. When they waste money, they waste YOUR money. Groundwater Adjudication uncovers a below-the-radar (and surface) problem -- where is the water and who owns it?

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  1. WaterSource/WaterBank17 Aug 2009, 02:24:00

    Ground Water Adjudication:

    When adjudication of groundwater comes, my advice to those who claim water rights to be very very careful...

    In retrospect, there are numerous ways to approach the situation. Adjudication, means "by the Judge". How you play the "game" depends upon how the "game" is defined by the Court ... you have to know exactly what kind of a system the Judge/Court is placing the various claimants into.

    For example, placing the groundwater claimants of water rights into an already existing priority system can be simply a matter of notifying everyone that the groundwater rights are junior in priority to all existing surface water rights and consequently, they are rarely, if ever in priority to receive any water.

    This is exactly what happened on the South Platte, Arkansas and Rio Grande Rivers.

    Forty years later, ALL WELLS, other than exempt domestic wells, were Ordered shut-off because the senior surface water rights were not fully receiving their adjudications in the priority system...surprise, surprise ... to everyone except those who attended my real estate classes.

    Be careful and think the whole situation through before rushing for Judgement.

    There are various ways of making legitimate claims to groundwater that can integrate groundwater diversions into a priority system WITHOUT BEING SUBJECT to being the "last in line at the drinking fountain".

    DZ hates this part, but NON-TRIBUTARY water is perfect for augmenting groundwater depletions in an existing priority system because there is .... NO DAMAGE to existing surface water rights, which is what a real reliable system is all about.

    I love the Courts because when things are done correctly, there is proper jurisdiction, proper notice and a finality in the Finds of Fact and Conclusions of Law to protect the Applicant as well as all those who depend upon certainty/finality in making economic decisions (res adjudicata).

    If you don't have the priority rights you need, acquire a piece of a Source that is real and in which care, custody and control can be recognized as legitimate for PERMANENTLY solving water supply needs.

    The burden is justifiably always upon the applicant to prove non-injury and there is nothing better than to augment with totally new water ! ( ask those in the three major river basins I mentioned ... thousands of well owners scrambled to acquire NON-TRIBUTARY WATER !

    WaterSource/WaterBank waterrdw@yahoo.com
    Retired Water Rights Analyst


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