29 Aug 2009

Flashback: 23 -- 29 Aug 2008

These posts are STILL relevant, so please comment (I'll approve them ASAP.)

BEST: In Competition (Oh Good!), I note the VERY IMPORTANT fact that few directors of water districts lose their seats, one reason why water districts never reform their bad policies.

Dunce CAP: Arizona's CAP was completed 86 years too early, in 1987, at a deadweight loss of $2.612 billion.

BEST: In Conserve but How?, Tim Brick calls for conservation. Last week (one year later...), he calls for conservation (not higher prices). Yay! Recycling! How do we get conservation? Regulations on use, which I consider Water Fascism. Meanwhile, Delta Deja Vu reminds us that people have been trying to "fix" the Delta since 1998, and Westlands Getting Nukes? recounts one of my favorites -- nuclear-powered desalinated agricultural water. Wow! JWT takes Westlands and other ag irrigators to task for "wasting" the State's water on alfalfa in 800 Pound Gorilla and 800 Pound Gorilla 2.

Free Water Means No Water: "a gathering of international thinkers, artists, and activists is inspiring a new revolution in the right to water." While they sip Evian, the poor will be thirsty. In a similar vein, No Free Lunch highlights how people love enviro goods -- until they have to pay for them.

Finally, Neoclassical Failure gets into the failure of conventional economics in the face of reality. Kinda timely these days, no?


  1. We've been trying to "fix" the delta since before 1982 when the first peripheral canal proposal
    was killed by voters, not since 1998.

  2. @DW -- Totally right. I was just pointing out that the problem didn't "go away and come back..."


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