22 Aug 2009

Flashback: 16 -- 22 Aug 2008

These posts are STILL relevant, so please comment (I'll approve them ASAP.)

BEST: Rationing in Paradise: IID has more water (per capita or per acre) than anywhere else in California BUT they still have a shortage. Why? Water's too cheap. Would Farmers Do Better with markets? Yes.

BEST: How Many People per AF? covers that often abused, usually misunderstood statistic.

Read Economics of Water to get a good overview of water in California and this paper (Ag to Urban) to see the theoretical possibilities for transfers (warning! simulations!)

BEST: When a Well is Not a Well covers that nasty little problem: wells next to rivers. Should pumping -- based on beneficial use -- be limited before it interferes with riparian rights?

Bottled Water's Better Than Soda -- good point.

Corruption/incompetence at the World Bank (World Tank) and with Poseidon in San Diego (Lobbying Plus)

In Sinners and Saints, I cover the SNWA-Snake Valley transfer (damn, I've been doing more than I remember) and wonder if Vegas's rights could be bought out. (That point may be moot if Vegas exports would destroy others' rights.)

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  1. Poseidon has committed to selling its water at a price below that its customers can get water from the County Water Authority, without specifing what that price might be. Personally I think that Poseidon may have a very hard time getting project financing sewed up since potential investors won't know what CWA water prices may be in the future. And if we have a few rainy years due to El Nino and MWD and CWA have a glut of water and lower their prices, Poseidon may be underwater. Should be interesting to watch.


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