28 Aug 2009

First Lecture for EEP 100

I am teaching environmental economics and policy 100 (intermediate microeconomics) at UC Berkeley.

Here's the syllabus [PDF].

I gave my first lecture today.

Here's the audio [27MB MP3].

I am working on getting the video posted.

I am NOT going to post more lectures here. I am posting this one because it gives a good overview of my "philosophy" on teaching, environment, resources and political economy.

When I get things organized, I will put a link to a public version of the class resource page for those of you who want to follow along :)

Bottom Line: Teaching is difficult because it requires that you present your messy, complicated, evolved knowledge in an orderly and incremental manner that can be learned.


  1. Re: the laptop rule

    For some people, taking lecture notes is very important. Doing that by hand would be like writing essays on an iPhone: possible, but if given a choice, I think most people would agree a laptop would be more efficient. Plus, I think concentrating on a lecture is much harder when handwriting than when keying.

  2. Sounds like a very interesting course- another plus towards considering a Masters in Econ over the {lest i say} 'conventional' MBA. Tough rule on the laptop,but every professor has their quirks I guess.

  3. Teaching well is much more difficult than it appears.

    Good luck.

  4. @George -- I am old school. If it worked for generations, it can work for them... More important, I need to prevent the indolent from playing with facebook... :)

  5. You're going to put the lectures on you YouTube channel, right?

  6. Yeah, I'm old school too and survived notes by hand. But now my son, who's attending SDSU, reports that in one of his lecture halls each row of seats shares a long countertop (rather than pull-up notepads) and the individual seats are equipped with a microphone, webcam, and electrical outlet for laptops and the room has 4 large HD flatscreens for online sharing and presentations. Good thing you didn't get that kind of room for your class! :-)

  7. @enviroecon -- eventually. Technical problems...

    @George -- yes, I've seen them. They may be more of a fad brought on by salesmen of technical gear than a learning tool...

  8. Hi David, really enjoyed your first lecture on YouTube but when I went back today to watch the second one it seemed that all of the videos had been removed. Please tell me this isn't permanent?
    --Thanks for the first one anyways,
    Hugh, Ireland.

  9. @Hugh -- we are moving videos around, Hopefully, they will be in a permanent position in the next week :)

  10. Hi David, I wanted to thank you for uploading all of your lectures to YouTube. I found them today and i'll be watching the remainder of them. Great teaching method.


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