23 Aug 2009

Anarchy! in Amsterdam!

Bill O'Reilly is so stupid blinded by ideology that he lies makes delusional statements about things that anyone can double-check. This bit of Faux News paranoia should help anyone understand that the O'Reilly "factor" (a function that combines the root of -1 and many black holes) almost always cancels out the "reality factor."

Note: O'Reilly "rebuts" this response here. Watch for such classics as (to rebut the statistic that 22% of Dutch have tried cannabis vs. 40% in the US) "They do statistics differently over there, they have fewer people..." [OMG!] and O'Reilly's attempt to convince his co-hosts that pedophiles in Oklahoma learned "their trade" from the Dutch. Amazingly, the co-hosts argue with the King of Non Sequitur.)

Bottom Line: The truth will set you free, but Bill O'Reilly still lives in Abu Gharib.


  1. Funny, but O'Reilly isn't calling for the Prohibition of alcohol or tobacco. Seems awfully inconsistent, especially if he makes his case on idealistic grounds.

  2. The Culture Wars are still raging strong there, huh?

    That wasn't news. That was pure bashing.


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