23 Aug 2009

Anarchy! in Amsterdam!

Bill O'Reilly is so stupid blinded by ideology that he lies makes delusional statements about things that anyone can double-check. This bit of Faux News paranoia should help anyone understand that the O'Reilly "factor" (a function that combines the root of -1 and many black holes) almost always cancels out the "reality factor."

Note: O'Reilly "rebuts" this response here. Watch for such classics as (to rebut the statistic that 22% of Dutch have tried cannabis vs. 40% in the US) "They do statistics differently over there, they have fewer people..." [OMG!] and O'Reilly's attempt to convince his co-hosts that pedophiles in Oklahoma learned "their trade" from the Dutch. Amazingly, the co-hosts argue with the King of Non Sequitur.)

Bottom Line: The truth will set you free, but Bill O'Reilly still lives in Abu Gharib.