20 Jul 2009

Weekend Discussion: Better Blogging!

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Dear Aguanauts,

Discussion posts allow you to discuss a topic among yourselves -- exchanging views, learning and teaching. (I only read the comments.)

If you are interested, take a moment to check out (and add to!) last week's discussion on showers. After that, please give us your thoughts on...

Improving this blog -- better posts, more readers, different features, etc.


  1. Some quick thoughts before camping.

    1. Get the readers to tell you what they want.
    2. Listen to their answers and do them.
    3. Make it easy to follow old threads and keep these discussions going (hyperlinks help).
    4. Make the blog non-linear.
    5. Show changes in the real world that resulted from the blog.
    5. Make it easy to find original reference material on topics.
    6. Focus more on results in water regulations and less on discussion about water regulations.

    Just some thoughts.

  2. One idea I would like to see is more of a debate format. For example, post an issue followed by your commentary and set up of the debate. Then try to get a person in the business on each side of the argument to share their comments. Then make a final "bottom line" comment with your take like you usually do. It is always great to see interviews and commentaries by people involved with the issues you raise. I really like the water chats you were doing. Keep that up.

  3. WaterSource/WaterBank18 Jul 2009, 00:30:00

    In small pieces one at a time ....

    With regard to something to do with water ...

    What is broken ... ? Why ... ?

    Who says its broken ... Why ...?

    How would they suggest it be fixed ?

    What is soon to be broken ? Why ?

    Is Deflation coming at us ... How will that change supply & demand ? What will be considered absolutely necessary ... what will be discarded ... ignored ?

    Scores of water situations/issues/case occur each day ... current events may generate the interest you want ...

  4. When I came across this blog I initially commented regularly and made a point to do so to avoid being a free rider. But, to me, Mr. Zetland appears to be an arrogant asshole (based on his responses to comments; see eg his comment comparing a lawyer's clients to his climts as an economist). Consequently, I now do free ride. Losing the attitude would be the biggest improvement.

  5. @Eric -- I'm trying to do those. Apparently, I need to try harder!

    @Ben -- Yes, I need more debates and water chats. Time is short :(

    @Ray -- Good material for blog posts. I will try to do more why...

    @Anon -- sorry that you're not happy about my opinions. I'm not sure that this qualifies me for asshole, but that's your call. Note that lawyers are paid to say whatever works, not what's true. Economists are merely bised by their own opinions :)


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