30 Jul 2009

A To Do List for the Planet

Billy Pizer, formerly of RFF and now in charge (kinda) of negotiating climate change treaties at the US Treasury, gave this list of "things to do" at his EAERE keynote ("Facing the Climate Change Challenge").

It is merely a list of topics, but they are topics where we need more research -- not just to increase our academic understanding but also to learn how to design, implement, measure and enforce policies:
  • Market design with policy revision
  • Dealing with trade in the long run
  • Technology modeling
  • Technology transfer policies
  • Social cost of carbon
  • Catastrophes
  • Linking, policy revision, and delinking
  • Offset reforms
  • Development and climate change / climate change and development
  • Carbon markets in the long run
Those of you looking for interesting areas for research, work, reporting -- and perhaps concern -- could do worse than address one or more of these issues.

Bottom Line: Earth is too complicated for any one of us to either understand or affect. We CAN work together to improve our collective future but that takes more work than "I've got my ass covered."


  1. I am currently doing six of them.

    Do I get a prize? ;-)

  2. You need to show that you've saved the world first. Until then, it's only grant funding... :)

  3. do you have a copy of (or link to) the presentation?

  4. @DR -- Pizer spoke from notes.

  5. What's the prize if I can prove that I saved the planet?

  6. @Eric -- you need to be able to prove the counter factual to collect a reward based on improving things. :)

  7. OK.
    If everybody on the planet dies soon, no reward for me. ;-)


    If I do not do anything and there is no catastrophe, no reward for me.

    On the other hand, if I and others do nothing and there is a climate crisis, bad for all of us.


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