25 Jul 2009

Speed Blogging

  • Good news! "On behalf of Wherever the Need, a nonprofit working to deliver sanitation and water solutions to the people that need them most, Skadaddle Media is excited to launch TwitterforSh-tters.com, a grassroots social media campaign hoping to get people talking shit again."

  • "In 2003 EPA denied a petition to ban sludge submitted by 63 organizations. Since that time, food contamination and illness as well as deaths have increased. In 1999 over 76 million people were infected by food and many died. Sign the new petition here."

  • Ocean in trouble, part 32: Warmer water and overharvesting of tuna and shark are encouraging a surge in squid and jelly-fish populations. It's not the "rise of slime" that bothers me, but the end of fisheries (you know, like baby salmon).

  • NRDC grades US cities on sustainability. First place goes to Seattle.

  • This op/ed ridicules San Diego's pro growth model. Is growth necessary? It sure is if you are a property developer! (Guess who controls politics in San Diego?)

  • Michael Hanemann (my adviser, the one I see every few months :) is profiled here [pdf] as "the single most successful environmental and resource economist of our time." Since he also likes chocolate, I know we have at least ONE thing in common :)

  • This site (via aquadoc) is highlighting errors in water bills, which are hard to understand and perhaps harder to dispute. I don't know if it's an "anyone can post" or controlled blog but check it out.
hattip to DW

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