21 Jul 2009

Poll Results -- Vacation!

Hey! There's a new poll (caffeine!) to the right ---->
Vacations are good for... (This poll runs until July 20)
getting ready for more work 2%2
enjoying life 62%73
thinking about life 19%22
spending hard-earned money 5%6
keeping family together 8%9
stimulating the economy 4%5

After one month of careful research, I have concluded that vacations are indeed about enjoying life -- and thinking about it. But don't trust me -- go do your own research!

Bottom Line: No one ever died wishing they spent more time at the office. Live a lively life!


  1. Hey David,

    Pacific Institute is about to release another irrigation report. It is almost as bad as the one last summer. Full of sloppy research and pretty sounding gibberish

  2. @Anon -- I've heard about it. I'll blog on it tomorrow...


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