14 Jul 2009

Captains of Disaster

(via DW) San Diego water department officials are worried that people are not paying attention to watering restrictions meant to reduce use.

What's their tool of choice? "City water officials expected and hoped neighbors would keep an eye on each other’s lawns." Oh, so the city wants everyone to turn water-nazi on each other, eh?

And then what happens? The City will send out letters! "We've actually sent out 227 letters as of Monday" Well, beat me with a drip-line! That's gotta be the most effective thing I've ever heard of! Letters! Yep, that'll get 227 households -- out of 450,000

I swear, these guys couldn't be more incompetent if I was trying to write the script. If you want people to use less water, then RAISE PRICES!

Bottom Line: Command and control water managers are commanding their ship right into the iceberg.


  1. WaterSource/WaterBank14 Jul 2009, 23:10:00

    Disaster ... ?

    Evidently, there is not a water shortage ... or even a perceived one.

    San Diego has not asked/inquired about more water.

    David, what exactly do you see happening ? Who/what is expected to die of thirst ?

    I don't understand what it is you want.


  2. Maybe San Diego should should cut through the snitchery red-tape like this GA county:

  3. I'm from Scotland and we have too much water. Perhaps we can sell you some?

    More seriously, David,I'm not aware of how water prices in California are structured, i.e are they tiered? If not, raising prices would also hurt careful users who cannot afford to pay more (they probably don't have a lawn) while a rich person can afford to water his estate as he pleases. Presumably all water users are not equally responsible for any shortage?

  4. @Ray -- I said nothing about dying. I want them to raise prices so that demand is less than supply.

    @Alastair -- shipping may be expensive :) SD uses tiered rates, but they are too low. You can read my proposal of how to raise prices without hurting the poor in these posts:





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