15 Jun 2009

Weekend Discussion -- Community

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Dear Aguanauts,

Discussion posts allow you to discuss a topic among yourselves -- exchanging views, learning and teaching. (I only read the comments.)

If you are interested, take a moment to check out (and add to!) last week's discussion on Capitalism vs. People. After that, please give us your thoughts on...

Community. Give an example of how you are part of it.


  1. I am a member of countless communities, at least in some, minutely engaged, way. I am a member of the aguanomics community, participating by commenting right now. I try to be an engaged member of my local community too, by socializing, commenting on plans that affect me, discussing pertinent issues, voting etc. I would be interested in living in a more intentional community, but live in a state of individualistic folks who generally shy from this idea.

  2. "Community" is to look into the future ...

    Formulating a vast network of interconnecting water solutions outside of the present gridlock to provide fresh water in times of drought, terrorism, contamination, pestilence, earthquake and fire has been a challenge, but nothing compared to the struggle of getting the bureaucratic power structure to consider verification so that implementation can be considered.

    Even the assurance of jobs, thousands of megawatts of renewable energy, restoration of whole environmental estuaries and new innovative water parks so far falls on deaf ears.

    So much for "community" ...

    WaterSource/WaterBank waterrdw@yahoo.com

  3. While I'm still doing the "old school" things, like watching out for my neighbors, supporting those dealing with illness, recycling, voting, generally stepping in when I see someone in need, insofar as the definition of community, we are living in revolutionary times. Boundaries are widening, barriers are falling, and I feel there's a richer diversity of thought, experience and talent in so many walks of life. Today, I'm able to participate, even contribute, to "communities" which would have been closed or unknown to me just a decade ago.

    It is wondrous to me that a cut-up writer/designer with a thimble-full of knowledge in microeconomics can particpate and comment here--and that people will read it. And that they'll know exactly where to go if they need my type of skills. And I'll gladly oblige. Community 2.0, yea!

    (Oh, and I've been reading and paying attention in this community, so my thimble runneth over--thanks for that!)


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