12 Jun 2009

Schwarzenegger's Big Lie

Dan Bacher resorts to Godwin's law ("As the discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler* approaches 1"):
Hitler defined the "Big Lie" as a lie so colossal that no one would believe that anybody "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously."


In California, the greatest practitioners of the "Big Lie" are Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lester Snow, the Director of the Department of Water Resources, the state water contractors and their accomplices who have spread outrageous claims about the "need" for a peripheral canal and more dams in order to increase water exports to unsustainable subsidized agribusiness. Their most recent use of the classic "Big Lie" propaganda technique is to blame "fish" and "drought" for farm "unemployment" to further their campaign to build a peripheral canal and more dams.
Readers of this blog will note that I called "fib" on Schwarzenegger over a year ago -- and DiFi too!

Why is Schwarzenegger calling for more infrastructure when it will not fix these problems? Because -- as David Crane (Special Advisor to the Governor for Jobs and Economic Growth) explained -- it's politically expedient to spend OPM to please (mostly republican) politicians in the Central Valley.

Bottom Line: Schwarzenegger is telling a Big Lie. Stop it!
* The interwebs are amazing. Check out this "alternative" profile of Hitler.


  1. I followed one of your links back to a year old press release from the Governor talking about the hundreds of millions being lost by Fresno farms in 2008.

    Then, I peaked at the newly released Fresno County crop report for 2008. Somehow, they managed to harvest 30,000 more acres than the previous year (less veggies, but more nuts and field crops for the ballooning dairy heard), and increase farm revenue another $300+ million from the 2007 record despite lower prices. http://www.co.fresno.ca.us/Departments.aspx?id=114

    You called the "fib" correctly a year ago.

  2. @Jeff -- people HATE it when you check to see if their predictions/promises/threats turn out to be true :)


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