25 Jun 2009

Housing and Barney Frank

I think Barney Frank deserves to be ridiculed and booted out of Congress for his past role in the housing mess, his continued idiocy, and this current idea which makes me believe he still has no idea what his or the government's role in the mess was (It was substantial). His main campaign contributors include the real estate sector and many financial services companies. Conflict of interest? He would say no. I strongly disagree.

Bottom Line: It is unsurprising when people react to incentives.


  1. And toss out Chris Dodd, too.

  2. And pressure Pelosi to go along with Darrell Issa'a request to release the names of *all* the congress members (not just Dodd and Conrad) who got bribes from that creepy gnome from the tan salon, Mozillo of Countrywide.

  3. I could not agree with you more.

  4. I could not agree with you less. The Barney Frank stories are bogus right wing propaganda. Freddie and Fannie had very little to do with the collapse. Where's the outrage over Phil Gramm's role?


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