14 Jun 2009

Bleg: Encyclopedia Entry on CRA

The folks from the Encyclopedia of Water Politics and the Environment in the United States have ALSO asked me to write an entry on the Colorado River Aqueduct. Here's an excerpt:
For current residents of southern California, the CRA is a valuable source of water to their increasingly drought-prone region. Unfortunately, they may not understand the paradox of the CRA, i.e., how it probably did more to increase demand than increase supply. Put differently, the CRA was developed in a way that made today's shortages more likely.
I have posted a draft here [pdf].

If you have the time (and inclination) to make any comments, I would be grateful.

I am already over my word limit (750), so I am looking for:
  1. errors and mischaracterizations
  2. missing information
  3. extra information
Obviously + on (2) implies - on (3)

Please comment on this post (anonymously if you like) to save others the effort of pointing out the same mistakes. Shy people can email me.

Please also use the line numbers included in the pdf to make it easier for us to communicate.

Also note that the piece is due on June 16, so faster feedback is helpful.

1 comment:

  1. you should note where the CRA ends, and who the primary users of that water are.

    citing your own work is kind of tacky, especially when there are other, primary resources available -- like MWD's own publications.

    if CA v. AZ cut MWD's entitlement to .55 maf, then how is it that MWD has kept the pipeline full? (compare line 17 with lines 25-26.)

    the Law of the River, the 4.4 Plan and the QSA deserve some mention -- the CRA exists not only as a piece of infrastructure but as the nexus of an incredibly complex legal environment.

    your interpretation of the history of MWD and LA politics is not exactly neutral; that's fine for a dissertation but seems inappropriate for an encyclopedia.


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