31 May 2009

Weekend Discussion: Tradeoffs

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Dear Aguanauts,

Discussion posts allow you to discuss a topic among yourselves -- exchanging views, learning and teaching. (I only read the comments.)

If you are interested, take a moment to check out (and add to!) last week's discussion on California's economy. After that, please give us your thoughts on...

Paying higher taxes (on carbon, etc.) to restore the environment. Do we miss the money as much as we appreciate the renewed environment? Do businesses lose from our lower consumption? Do governments spend the money wisely?


  1. WaterSource/WaterBank30 May 2009, 13:28:00

    Maybe a few numbers will encourage participation in the weekend discussion:

    The proposed Ely Plant in Nevada is now projected to cost $5 Billion and produce 1500 megawatts.

    Nevada's $300 million wind farm above Warm Springs Valley in the Pah Rah Mountains north of Reno will produce 150 megawatts.

    A plan would permit industries to use "offsets" for up to 49% of the emissions they are required to cut. An offset, such as planting trees or capturing landfill emissions, could be cheaper than installing expensive equipment to cut fossil fuel burning or switching to cleaner power.

    Economists have expressed concerns that many offsets used in the European cap and trade program have proved to be bogus.

    Just the surplus from a new NON-TRIBUTARY fresh water Source could be accumulated in the 28.5 million acre feet of available storage space in Lake Mead to keep it reasonably FULL and generating 2000 megawatts of RENEWABLE ENERGY each year and it is already built, bought and paid for by the American people.

    With cooperation (?) and coordination of governmental agencies in the desert SW, the Source could be developed so that no power is required for delivery.

    WaterSource waterrdw@yahoo.com

  2. For me to have anything to say, I need numbers, not big numbers but person centric numbers. I want to know how much it will cost me per month and what I get for it. If I pay double that per month, what really wonderful thing do I get for the higher price?


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