23 May 2009

Speed Blogging

  • A review of Bottlemania

  • A review [PDF] of Nanotechnology: Health and Environmental Risks

  • The Thirst for Water slideshow [pps] is useful for water activists.

  • Paul Romer gives the world premiere talk [37 min 5MB MP3] extending his new growth theory (endogenous technology) to include the feedback loop between institutions and human ingenuity/inventions. Very interesting!

  • Sacramento sends out the water cops. Why? "The new rules... are considered important to prevent water waste because the vast majority of residential water customers – about 104,000 – are unmetered. Until customers see their actual water use in monthly bills, and feel it in their pocketbooks, encouraging conservation is difficult. The city has a plan to meter those connections gradually by 2025 to comply with state law." Don't rush into this or anything...

  • "In April, a rebate program that rewards water-conservation efforts ran out of money in the first eight days of the month. May's funding didn't last two hours. Now the demand on the SoCal Water$mart program is so great that the money is gone for the rest of the fiscal year, which ends June 30, and officials are considering revamping the system." I don't know how they are revamping the system, but I suggest that they can use HIGHER PRICES to pay for it. $4 million/year for 20 million residents isn't very much money!

  • A forest that makes a profit: "Iwokrama is making money now, before it has even sold its ecosystem services. It is already part of the global economy. But with sustainable forestry and ecosystem services, the lesson of Iwokrama is that rainforests present an opportunity." They haven't even started to sell carbon credits!
hattip to DG


Eric said...

Thanks for the link to Romer. His talk is worth listening to, as you said.

I wish that he had used more of the microlevel, people level forces that led to his examples. In his newer examples, it was not the rules but the people who made the new rules that actually changed things.

David Zetland said...

@Eric -- that's the problem with macro guys :) But, I do think he's building on micro foundations...

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