29 May 2009

Speed Blogging

  • Where America's cities get their water. Compare Chicago (100% from 0 miles away) to Los Angeles (88% from 130+ miles away)

  • There are LOTS of good presentations from the Water Education Foundation's "2009 Urban Drought Workshops: Managing the Crisis" posted here.

  • DWR takes its whole website down for the Memorial Day weekend. Two observations: (1) "Nobody" cares about water on the weekends and (2) DWR's tech staff has no problem taking a site down for three days. Funny, I never noticed that at Amazon.com...

  • Tight supplies in Colorado: "For years, the state water engineer worked out ad hoc deals with farmers, allowing them to pump their wells without replacing water required by the law. There was enough to go around, and senior rights holders were satisfied...In 2003, the state Supreme Court ordered the engineer to force individual farmers to adhere to the law to satisfy the needs of senior rights holders." The farmers with junior rights are now going out of business.

  • The CVPIA Independent Review says: "In 1992 Congress directed the Department of Interior to develop and implement a program that makes “all reasonable efforts” to ensure and sustain on a long-term basis a doubling of the number of naturally produced anadromous fish in Central Valley rivers and streams by 2002. Doubling did not happen by the legislative goal of 2002, or by 2008, nor is it likely to ever occur unless renewed commitments and improvements are made to the CVPIA program...A number of the most serious impediments to survival and recovery are not being effectively addressed, especially in terms of the overall design and operation of the Central Valley Project system."

  • This is your brain on carbon: "...experience of climate change is a relative thing: something happening to another part of your state, or to a different cultural group, doesn’t necessarily warrant a change in your own response. It likewise hinted at the complexity of instilling feelings of climate-related urgency in Americans. If you don’t think or feel there’s a risk, why change your behavior?" That's why I prefer to say "local warming" instead of "global warming." Bangladesh underwater is troublesome, but no skiing is a tragedy!
hattips to MC and JT

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WaterSource/WaterBank said...

What is described in the CO article is simply not true. Well permitting was shut-off in 1965 and wells were to be curtailed under the 1969 Water Rights Determination Act. The senior water right owners have ALWAYS demanded their water. The State Engineers ignored the law and refused to properly administer the available water. CO lost Supreme Court cases against Nebraska and Kansas on the South Platte and Arkansas Rivers which it blamed on the pumping of high capacity irrigation wells.

For years, I taught real estate classes and warned that the wells were out-of-priority and should not be depended upon economically ! Such warnings were met with the roar of laughter ...

I continue to promote a NON-TRIBUTARY fresh water Source solution for CA & NV and the option to keep Lake Mead FULL and generating 2000 megawatts of RENEWABLE ENERGY each year, restoration of the Colorado River Delta, freshening of the Salton Sea and a humane solution for Mexicali.

More laughter ...

"The laughter of fools has always been the reward of any man who comes up with a new thought.”

WaterSource/WaterBank waterrdw@yahoo.com

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