25 May 2009

Pork Fest

I am not pleased that the Congress has fulfilled my deepest fears with its 900+ page, 85% free-permit, pork-laden and exemption-ridden draft cap and trade bill.

If you want to know how they took care of all those who were going to "suffer," then check out this questionnaire [doc] that BP forwarded to me in early-April.

Bottom Line: Cap & Trade has turned into Crap & Fade. Oh, for a carbon tax! Simple, transparent -- and hated by politicians and lobbyists.

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Steven Mason said...

Cap and Crap. The bill has been watered down so much that it is just a joke.
Many people and groups are against, even Democratic politicians.

Also, big question, this type scenario known as Kyoto, has not worked in the EU. Co2 emissions have risen every year since Kyoto and have not been reduced, even though billions have been spent. Taxpayer footing the bill.

Let's get real. We need to have processes that will use the Co2 to say increase algae growth to make biodiesel fuels.

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