20 May 2009

Poll Results -- Outdoor Watering

Hey! There's a NEW POLL (dirty dishes!) to the right --->
Do You Water Outdoors?
Yes 48%
No 43%
Someone Does It for Me 10%

These results are somewhat surprising to me. I thought that most readers (more than 43%) of this blog would NOT water outdoors. I'd love to hear the reasons why those who DO water do water...

OTOH, I'd say that I do not water outside, but I wash my car and water my tomatoes. Does that count?

Bottom Line: Is water still a precious resource when we use it for non-native vegetation?


  1. Why do we water outdoors? We farm.

  2. I answered "yes" to the poll because I do have some landscaping at the home we just purchased a few months ago. We have a small patch of lawn in the front and a small one in the back, and then the rest are drought tolerant plants. I also have some veggies planted in pots. I water the veggies by hand and then there is a drip system that covers all the plants. There are sprinklers for the zones that are lawn, but I have yet to turn these zones on. I'm planning on letting my lawn die and then remove it, and replace it with drought tolerant ground cover/native plants in the fall. Even then, I still will technically be watering some outdoors.

  3. I water potted tomatoes & vegetables & some geraniums my landlady planted on the bank. I offered to dig them up and replant with natives, but that left her a bit stricken and she said no. I water them judiciously and have mulched them. I answered yes, but by those standards, I guess not.

  4. I also water veggies and new starts/transplants by hand a small amount, and mulch heavily. I have plans to soon do this by rainwater harvest.

  5. I see a pattern. Shoulda asked "do you waste water outside" vs "do you use it wisely"? OTOH, prices would render that moral question irrelevant! Thanks for the info!


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